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Stuck on Earth and Other Places

The Doctor Who Minor Characters Ficathon

Stuck on Earth and Other Places - the Doctor Who M
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Missing Mickeyfic? Searching for that Elton/Ursula AU fic that someone, somewhere, should have written? Look no more!

We are launching a Minor Characters Ficathon, including any and every minor character from the first four seasons of New Who. For the purposes of this ficathon, the definition of minor characters includes everyone who isn’t the Doctor, Rose, Jack, Martha or Donna. If you’ve got a plot bunny you wanted to read but could never find time to write, sign up now!

The Rules

1. Sign-ups close 17th July. Any applications after this date will not be accepted.

2. All stories must be over 1000 words. There is no upper limit, but we want to make sure that every participant receives something of reasonable length.

3. Your story must not be centred on the Doctor, Rose, Jack or Martha. They may appear, but they should not be the focus of the story.

3. Your story must be posted to this community by 1st September. That means you have five weeks to write it.

4. If, for whatever reason, you can’t do your assignment, please contact us at tindogsfic [at] gmail [dot] com.

5. Have fun!

Assignments will be out by 22nd July.

All screencaps used are from time-and-space.co.uk.